The 2018 Trend Everyone Will Wear First

It may feel like 2017 just started, but it’s already December, and 2018 starts in just 25 days. Whether you’re looking forward to the year coming to a close or not, the good news is that with a new year comes a fresh batch of trends to try. As S/S 18 fashion week came and went a few months ago, many of the biggest trends that were presented haven’t even hit the scene yet, but that’s not the case for all of them.
Curious as to which 2018 trend everyone will start wearing first, we followed Lisa Aiken, retail fashion director at Net-a-Porter. Perhaps better than anyone, Aiken knows which trends are going to be everywhere and what women want to wear at any given moment. So which trend is on deck for next year? Aiken said, “I think we’ll find people buying and wearing the bold-color trend in 2018. Colors will include yellows, reds, purples, and hot pinks. People can wear bold hues in a multitude of ways, either paired together, coming in statement pieces such as fluid dresses and knee-high boots or toned down by coupling them with softer tones, camels and denim. An easy way to try this style is to add this season’s red boots (which are likely already in your wardrobe) to an outfit.”
So there you have it—now is the time to bust out some bold color. We can’t think of a better way to combat the winter blues to come.

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