The wardrobe series: Trimming down

It’s absolutely perfect if you are fashion lover who shops frequently and your wardrobe needs to be slimmed drastically down. We present to you five ways to give your closet a drastic trim…saving only the best and letting go of the rest.

1.You should try everything on

Do this on an afternoon when you have nothing doing, take everything out of your wardrobe and try it all on. Very few people do this when they are having a wardrobe sort through, you’d be surprised by how many items you don’t like, don’t need and perhaps don’t fit into. You might as well find those precious items you’ve forgotten you had.

Be very ruthless about throwing things away. As a rule of the thumb, if you can’t remember the last time you wore it, recycle it or give it to a friend or donate it to charity.

2.Picking your special items

when having a wardrobe sort through, you might come across those pieces you don’t wear but are too precious to get rid of; a delicate vintage top, a priceless LBD, or that denim short you got from a big sister. If you really can’t let go of something limit yourself to a pair of essential from each category of your wardrobe or you will be floating in things you don’t wear.
Just to think of it, do you really need those pair of jeans that haven’t fitted since your freshman year in college? NO!!

3.Just like you were packing for a trip

when you are filling out a package for a trip, you are bound to organize things into piles of what need (the extra luggage will cost you more money and stress) e.g. two jumpers, four t-shirts, and two pair of pants

Treat your wardrobe like a more extensive version of your travel luggage and your wardrobe will attain balance.

4.Fishing out the neutrals

people with a over-full wardrobe will often still complain that they have got nothing to wear. This could be because their wardrobe consists of a lists of random wears and might be lacking really good neutrals to pair the existing pieces
neutrals to wear.

5.And the Foot wears too

A popular study has it that “the average woman only wears a quarter of her shoes and ends up hoarding a pile of battered shoes”. You can cut down your shoe collection by tailoring each pair according to your lifestyle (very true) e.g. the going out heels, the cool weekend out trainers, the comfy work flats or the going shopping fancy flip-flops.
fashion online Nigeria.

If you have a lot of shoes in a single category, then you might need to pick just two or three per category

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